Financial Modeling and Data Analytics

Data is at the heart of running a successful business, whether it is using past information to gain insight into performance or using algorithms to help predict what might happen in the future, using past results. This can be accomplished in its most elementary form utilizing spreadsheets with added functionality or utilizing a more sophisticated data analytics tool. Whichever approach your company decides on, Jefferson Wells is there to help you by bringing the skillsets needed in order to accomplish the task at hand, no matter where you are in the timeline of your project.

Services include:

  • Advanced Excel modelling

  • Model Validation

  • User Defined Application Risk Services

  • Model Creation

  • Model Optimization

  • Data Analytics

  • Tool Needs and Selection

  • Data Analytics Implementation Assistance

  • Data Collection and Cleanup

  • Thought Leadership

  • Visualization

Policy and Procedure Development 

Dynamic business changes due to consolidations, acquisitions, ERP implementations, etc. can lead to opportunities to update existing policies and procedures. Jefferson Wells can assist clients inthe creation, update, standardization and documentation of accounting policies, procedures andprocesses across their finance and operations functions. Our approach includes the following:

  • Scoping the extent of the documentation needed

  • Evaluating the current state of existing policies and procedures

  • Establishing documentation standards

  • Shadowing client staff to develop and publish documentation

  • Developing a methodology for maintaining policy and procedure documentation into the future

Finance Technology Support

Supporting, implementing, upgrading and improving an organization’s technology can be challenging, risky and very expensive. Done right, it can transform your business — align the business processes with business strategy, embed a continuous process improvement environment, and incorporate a change management philosophy and culture that will help your organization adapt to rapidly changing business conditions.

Our professionals are proven process integrators who understand your business process, technology and operational concerns, and the complexity of the issues. They have the business and systems experience you need to ensure the technology fulfills your organization’s vision.JeffersonWells professionals can:

  • Be the liaison between finance and technology on new or existing applications

  • Assist the finance organization in developing more efficient, technology-enabled processes

  • Develop or improve finance, data management and consolidation reporting

  • Provide functional ERP system support

Business Analytics

Business analytics is the science of focusing on the data that is readily available in order to hone in on the larger business implications that affect a company, such as whether a company should go into a different business or product line or prioritize one project over another in order to achieve a higher return on investment (“ROI”). It is the science of combining skills, applications and other tools that allow a company to improve their core business functions such as sales, marketing, or IT. Jefferson Wells can help your Company, no matter where they are in the Business Analytics framework with the following services:

  • Data Collection

  • Data Cleanup

  • KPI Development and Rollout

  • Dashboard Creation

  • What-if Scenario Modelling

Process Improvement

In an increasingly complex world of work, business leaders are being asked to do more with less, and to work harder to maintain or improve upon historical levels of productivity and profitability. Our varied stakeholders also demand continued compliance in a heavily regulated business environment. Meeting these objectives may require a fresh look at existing business processes. Improving business processes at the unit, staff or functional level may yield the following benefits: more speed to market, greater efficiencies leading to lower costs, improved quality in both production and reporting, and improved regulatory compliance. Jefferson Wells can help you improve your processes, while mitigating the risks, by leveraging our proven methodologies and experienced consultants to assist with:

  • Shortened Financial Statement Close

  • Functional Process Improvement

  • Streamlined Finance Processes


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