Policies & Procedures Documentation Success Story

A community bank partnered with Jefferson Wells to standardize, enhance and develop policies and procedures.

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Business Issue 

A Community Bank had grown to the size that regulators expected the Bank to develop and maintain current policy and procedure documentation related to both the financial and operational aspects of the Bank. The Bank was looking to have an adequately complete and accurate standardized Procedure Manual before the next bank examiner review was to take place. 


The Bank partnered with Jefferson Wells to assist with the standardization, enhancement, and development.  We provided a dedicated experienced industry project manager and a team of documenters who quickly began to create a formalized approach to the process. With our experienced financial services and FDICIA experts to ensure compliance with regulator expectations, we successfully provided best practice recommendations regarding a standardized template and governance process to maintain policy and procedure accuracy and quality.   


The project was completed on time and met bank examiners expectations. A sustainable process for policy and procedure updating and validating was implemented for continuous improvement and adaption needed for business changes.