Public company in the retail industry needed a partner to help them reduce their risk of cyber attacks.

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Business Issue 

Due to the exponential growth in recent years, this retail lender needed the assistance of Jefferson Wells to significantly reduce their risk of cyber-attacks. The organization was also under significant regulatory pressure to demonstrate they were serious about reducing their exposure. They needed a partner with deep knowledge of cyber risks to come in and perform a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s cybersecurity program and overall security posture, and to develop a plan for closing the identified gaps. 


Jefferson Wells came in to perform a comprehensive cyber risk assessment based on the NIST cybersecurity framework and FFIEC cyber requirements. This assessment identified key risks to the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of their information assets; identified their strengths; and zeroed in on weaknesses that presented the greatest threats to their business. The assessment also provided a roadmap for closing the gaps in their defenses, and the needed detail on how to do so in a cost effective manner. 


The work done by Jefferson Wells laid the foundation for a series of improvements including: 

 -enhancing the design of the organization’s security program; 

 -establishing security controls; and 

 -metrics for continuous monitoring.