The Ransomware Epidemic - Insights to Help Avoid Becoming the Next Victim

The media coverage of security breaches makes it abundantly clear that hacking has evolved and become a global business, with malware attacks like ransomware targeting organizations and people everywhere. As the theft and sale of personal data has become less profitable due to the glut of data on the market, hackers have shifted their business model to taking critical information hostage and extorting a ransom for its release. Organizations of all types and industries have become unwitting victims despite their security controls and compliance with regulations. A common forensic finding is the susceptibility of these organizations to ransomware, and the resulting damage has often been linked to critical control and process flaws. Among these flaws are failures in governance and oversight, user awareness training, IT change management, vulnerability management, and access control to production environments. Recognizing how ransomware attacks work, the different ways ransomware can affect your organization, and what proactive actions you can take – professionally and personally – are critical steps in reducing your organization’s susceptibility to ransomware and other forms of malware attacks.

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