Pen Tester Confessions - What Companies Do That Makes It Easier to Break In

Penetration testing (“Pen Testing”) is a vital tool for evaluating an organization’s susceptibility to attack by identifying and validating potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT environment. Due to the abstract nature of the work, many consider pen testing to be more of an art than a science. So, what better way to learn about this art than to talk to the artists. Join our expert pen testers as they pull back the veil of secrecy obscuring their work and describe how they identify and exploit weaknesses in operating systems and applications, and use those weaknesses to break into computers thought to be secure. Listen as they recount stories of real-life testing engagements that show you how an attack progresses from the attacker's perspective. Learn about some of the common mistakes making it easier for hackers to break in, and lessons learned from actual engagements to help your organization avoid becoming the next victim.

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