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"I have had the opportunity to work with the team at [Jefferson Wells] many times over the years. I’ve always been impressed with how the team at [Jefferson Wells] not only always ensure we get great talent for projects, temporary staffing needs or subject matter expertise, but also consistently provide talent that is the right fit for the team, delivers on the project’s objectives and ensures that the organization has been supported throughout, from start to finish. [Jefferson Wells] has been a great resource for me and my team and I would recommend the team and the talent at Jefferson Wells to other organizations looking to navigate both planned and unexpected projects requiring flexing resources and delivering quality results."
-Brian Tabolt, CAO, Newmont Mining Corporation

"I have had a long-term relationship with the team at Jefferson Wells as our preferred outsource provider and partner. The team at Jefferson Wells has always provided talent that matches our needs for any given project. When working on recurring projects, Jefferson Wells has been able to provide continuity of staff and increased efficiencies each year. I would strongly recommend the team at Jefferson Wells to other organizations looking to partner with a strong outsource provider who provides superior customer service and support."
-David J. Cook - Managing Director, Director of Internal Audit, Risk Management Baird

"As a relatively small, global public company, we’ve been partnering with Jefferson Wells for over fifteen years to supplement our resources and expertise and provide assistance on project work. They have consistently provided high quality service across our organization, including tax, internal audit and information technology. We have come to rely on their responsiveness, flexibility and broad base of highly qualified subject matter experts. The consistency of their team, with very low turnover, is a real benefit and makes them unique among the professional firms we work with. This has allowed them to become valued and trusted members of our team over the years."
-Jeffrey S. Knutson - Vice President – Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer & Secretary Twin Disc, Incorporated


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The Ransomware Epidemic

The media coverage of security breaches makes it abundantly clear that hacking has evolved and become a global business, with malware attacks like ransomware targeting organizations and people everywhere. As the theft and sale of personal data has become less profitable due to the glut of data on the market, hackers have shifted their business model to taking critical information hostage and extorting a ransom for its release.

Cloud Security & Governance

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the rule vs. the exception. Over half of all systems and data are now stored in the cloud. There are many advantages to leveraging cloud computing, but just as many risks too. Organizations depend on cloud computing for managing and storing customer data, financial accounting and reporting, and fulfillment of core business processes. Managing the cyber aspects of cloud computing is a critical concern.

2020 Internal Audit Priorities Report

As you are planning and refining your 2021 audit plans, read what internal audit leaders and audit committee members agree on as priorities and key takeaways.